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This self-pace course is designed to support overseas psychologists making a move to Australia and needing help in settling professionally. The content in this course aims to answer questions that are frequently asked when settling professionally in Australia and will signpost participants to relevant resources, links and support. Group supervision is also available monthly with Dr Pascale Paradis separately to this course. Contact if interested in group supervision. This course is not replacing individual supervision or advice from professional and regulatory bodies. This course aims to be supportive, outlining information needed when making such as a big decision to move to Australia.

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    Chapter 1: Moving to Australia

    • Seeking a Move: Why?

    • Dreams and Aspirations Activities

    • Visas: Am I eligible?

    • Preparations

    • Logistics

    • Moving is a Process and Not a One Off Event

    • Anchor Points Supporting Adaptations

    • Additional Resources

  • 4

    Chapter 2: Registration in Australia as a Psychologist

    • Understanding Organisations and Available Support

    • Registration Process

    • Different Registration Routes

    • Protected Titles

    • Roles and Possibilities

    • Private Practice

    • Preparing your Paperwork

    • Waiting for Responses and News

    • Additional Resources

  • 5

    Chapter 3: Working as a Psychologist in Australia

    • Theoretical Frameworks and Approaches

    • Working with a diverse population

    • Funding Systems in Australia

    • Medicare

    • NDIS

    • Other Funding Systems

  • 6

    Chapter 4: Finding a Supervisor and Employment

    • Planning your Provisional Psychologist Internship

    • Building an Interesting Portfolio/CV

    • Using Social Media to Build a Profile

    • Searching for Supervisors

    • Searching for a Suitable Role

    • Applying for Positions

    • Additional Resources

  • 7

    Chapter 5: Preparing for the National Psychology Exam

    • Planning Resources

    • Making Most of Supervision and Employment Opportunities

    • Four Main Areas of Professional Practice

    • Peer support and Study Groups

    • Important Resources

  • 8

    Chapter 6: Special Interests and Endorsements

    • Endorsements

    • Mental Health

    • Working with Children and Adolescents

    • Working with a geriatric population

    • Early Intervention

    • Systemic Family Work

    • Tertiary Sector and Training

    • Private Practice

    • Becoming a Supervisor

    • Developing your skills and maximising your strengths

  • 9

    Chapter 7: Post Provisional Psychologist Program

    • General Registration

    • Supporting Others

    • Building Networks and Connections

    • Continued Professional Development and Supervision

    • Self-Care

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