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12 chapters online self-pace course packed with information about materials, resources, links, new ideas and a 10 virtual therapy rooms give away. There is a mix of materials and resources for experienced and early career therapists with many resources supporting the development of a great toolkit. Although focused on online work, many resources and techniques are applicable for face to face work too.

  • 1

    Welcome to the Creative Approaches when Working With Children Online Course

    • Welcoming Message from 3P

    • Introduction Shellee Burroughs - Art Psychotherapist

    • So Pleased you Joined Us!

    • Why 3P?

    • Why 3P?

    • Support, supervision and training at 3P

    • Hey! Stay Connected!

  • 2

    Let's Get Started: Introduction and The Toolkit

    • Introduction to this Course

    • An Introduction- Creative Approaches on Child and Parent Work Online - Shellee Burroughs - Working Online Series

    • Online Work Pros and Cons

    • Eliciting Children's Views and Voices

    • Parent(s)/Carer/(s) as Co-Therapist(s)

    • Ethical Practice: Info and Practical Considerations

    • Ethical Practice: Online Ordering and Storage

  • 3

    The Toolkit

    • The Toolkit

    • Paper and Folders

    • Paper vs Whiteboard

    • Coloured Cards

    • Materials, Links and Information

    • Virtual Therapy Rooms

  • 4

    Person-Centred Approaches

    • Person-Centred Tools Summary

    • All About Me and One Page Profile

    • Good Day/Bad Day

    • Four+1

    • PATH

  • 5


    • Working with Post-It

    • Online Post-it - Jamboard

    • Drawing Activity and Case Study

    • Drawing Colouring

    • Jigsaw Activity

    • Jigsaw Case Study

    • Drawing Activity and Case Study - Cartoon Characters

  • 6

    Projective Techniques

    • Coloured Cards

    • Blobs

    • Ideal Classroom, Ideal School

    • Social and School Situation Pictures

    • Blob Tree Case Study

  • 7


    • Watercolour and Acrylics

    • Paint and Drying

    • Painting Activity

    • Painting Case Study

    • Paint Case Study 2

  • 8

    3D, Clay and Playdough

    • Clay

    • 3D Materials

    • 3D Activities

    • 3D materials, Clay/Playdough Case Study

  • 9

    Sandtray, Doll's House and Little People

    • Materials

    • Materials 2

    • Materials 3

    • Therapeutic Work with Sandtray, Doll's House and Little People

    • Case Study with Little People

  • 10


    • Pastels

    • Case Study Pastels

    • Oil Pastels

  • 11

    Arts and Crafts

    • Materials

    • Therapeutic Work with Arts and Crafts

  • 12

    Online Games

    • Different Games: Turn taking games, thinking games, language based games

    • Case Study Minecraft

  • 13

    Concluding and Next Steps

    • What if I run out of ideas?

    • Virtual Therapy Rooms

    • Closing and Special Considerations

    • Congrats! Here what's next...

    • More Resources and Readings

    • Before you go...

    • Claim your 10 Room Give Away


  • Will I get a certificate of completion at the end of this course?

    Yes, absolutely. A certificate is provided on completion of all sections of the course. Should you need additional information on your certificate, please contact

  • When can I start doing this course?

    After payment, the course will appear in your dashboard and you can start learning straight away.

  • Are there resources included in this course?

    There are lots of links and resources provided with each module, including activities, case studies and suggestions of materials.

  • Will I be able to speak to those who feature in the course?

    In this specific course, we plan a live sessions for all who attended this course. We will send details of this live events in due course. If you have questions or would like to connect with the presenters, please contact us at

Your Presenters:

Shellee Burroughs, Art Psychotherapist and Dr Pascale Paradis, Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Feedback from Participants

Here what participants said about this course...

"Thank you so much. I loved the course."

"Loved the resources."

"There were great ideas in this for experienced therapists to extend their practice toolkits. The presenters are both lovely people with great skills and knowledge in the field. It was interesting to see how these established therapists have adapted to online working... some using actual online tools such as the therapy rooms and others about facilitating joint creativity online using concrete materials. Overall this is a course worth doing and recommending to various colleagues."